Tom's Thumb Nursery - Landscaping Services


Call us at: (409) 763-4713 or FAX: (409) 765-9253 and we can help you plan your landscape needs.
$50.00 Fee

Landscape Designs

Our landscape department offers over 40+ years of coastal landscaping experience. Design a unique landscape plan to fit your evironment.

Landscape Plans

Our landscape plans range in price from $350 to $1500.

If you choose our company landscape service, we will refund 50% credit towards your installation invoice.


About the Architect

Janielle Guzinski, our architect, has a wealth of knowledge and a passion for plants.

Janielle has a degree in Botany and Landscape Architecture. She is a is a transplant with her feet firmly planted in the ground.

We can help you landscape your new yard, recommend plants perfect for Galveston County's harsh environment and everything in between. Whether you want to know what to plant, where to plant, or when to plant, Tom's Thumb Nursery & Landscaping is your number one resource for all your gardening needs. We're family owned, family friendly, and we enjoy giving back to the community.

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